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Written by Jane Simpson on August 21, 2020

5 SEO Tools Everyone Should Be Using

SEO (Search engine Optimisation) is something that every organization needs if they want to maintain a strong online presence and authority. Regardless if you are just starting a personal blog or you are selling an online product, it is essential to be aware of the essential SEO tools that can help you understand this process better. A Higher SERP ranking simply means that the possibility that your website will appear on the search result is also higher. This means that you will be able to attract quality and organic traffic. With higher traffic, you will be able to develop your lead list and increase your conversion rate.

Essential SEO Tools that Every Company Should Use

Here is a rundown of the best SEO tools that every organization should use.

1. Google Analytics

In case you are looking for a free SEO tool that you can use to track and monitor the traffic on your site, Google Analytics offers the best solution. It can be integrated seamlessly with other Google tools that are intended for SEO purposes. In a standard interface, Google Analytics allows you to study the pattern of traffic in the past few months. Information about your visitors will also be displayed on the screen such as their level of engagement, bounce rates, and the number of new visits. This can be used to analyze the type of visitors that is being attracted by your page.

2. SEO Toolkit

The whole SEO Toolkit is designed and developed by Microsoft. It incorporates various modules such as Site analysis, Robot exclusion, Site indexes, and site maps. By using all these SEO tools, you will have the ability to perform a comprehensive site analysis. You can now align your practices to the company’s SEO goals.

3. SEMrush

For those companies who are willing to invest in their SEO tool, SEMrush is definitely an analytical tool that you need to try. Most marketing gurus highly recommend this due to its efficient and effective features. With SEMrush, you will have the ability to conduct keyword research, check backlinks, determine backlink opportunities, audit your site and track the performance of your keywords. This will help you to easily identify how successful your keywords are.

4. Authority Labs

SEO is a continuous and laborious process, and you will need an SEO tool to measure your performance on a daily basis. Authority Labs will give you an updated report of your SEO ranking. You should do nothing more than to add your domain and the keyword that you would like to monitor. You can also use this to monitor the performance of your competitor’s website.

5. Ahrefs

By using Ahrefs, you will have the SEO tool to receive the right data and backlink checker that you can use for your SEO efforts. Perhaps the most useful feature would be the Site, Explorer. It will provide you with crucial data and information regarding your backlink.

SEO has been the driving force of digital marketing for quite a few years and there are a good few years before its demise. Make sure you aren't listening or following any of the common misconceptions surrounding SEO, they could cost you dearly.

Article written by Jane Simpson
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