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by Jane Simpson

Improve My Google Ranking

How can I Improve my Google ranking?

The goal is to find a key phrase for which you are already ranking and not ranking that high. If you can find the page that is ranking you can better optimize this for the phrase then watch the ranking jump. The entire process of this process can be completed in 5-10 minutes. There will […]
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writing sales copy

15 Tips for writing killer sales copy

In business, a sales letter may be more effective than anything else as it is sure of proving the product and customer's confidence. Frank Kern and Dan Kennedy are both brilliant copywriters. A company must have the capacity to communicate with clients and sell them what is important or needed. It doesn't matter if you […]
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Guest Post

How to Guest Post the right way

In very early 2014, Google's webspam guru, Matt Cutts, declared the death of guest blog writing. On his very own blog, he created, "Stick a fork in it: visitor blog writing is done; it's just gotten too spammy." His statement released waves of supposition and also uncertainty. Was guest blog writing really dead, or did […]
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Top Tech Trends

How 2020’s Top Tech Trends Are Defining This Year

The world of tech is constantly evolving, with the next big thing always just around the corner. But, last year, the big changes revolved less around the latest gadgets and more around the unprecedented onset of the coronavirus crisis. With a global pandemic altering daily life for so many, it only makes sense that the […]
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more visitors

10 Tips for More visitors and growth

If you are a business owner, then you want to grow your company so that it is successful. This can be difficult without an influx of visitors and new customers. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 proven ways to get more visitors to your website. All of these strategies have been tested in […]
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