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Welcome to my blog, here I’ve made a small space in the world where I can share my articles on Web Design and SEO.  You are very welcome to add comments or to get in touch to start a dialogue, collaboration and discussing can only lead to better things. I’ve been learning a lot from my friend, he has a business doing these activities, he’s a great website designer and I know he does SEO, you can check out his work at https://graphene.digital

I’ve noticed a few links around like this one https://images.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&url=https://graphene.digital – I need to figure out how these are getting indexed – quora and places have a bunch of questions on them.

And while we are writing out things to explore, what happens to URL shortening? Like https://bit.ly/3dNxte4 … do they get indexed? Putting the link here seemed to make it appear in the index, at least for a while.

Maybe the images.google one will get indexed? Wait and see.

That bit.ly link did get indexed – 10/5/21

What happens if we send a bit.ly at a google one (modified 12/5/21)

So that looks like https://bit.ly/3tDg7oZ and we will need to check back in a few weeks.

Whilst trying stuff out, what happens with stuff like: https://www.vingle.net/posts/3692574 weird posts that don’t seem to be connected to the next or previous …

Richard just posted a new article on getting more traffic to your website – it’s an awesome read.


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