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by Jane Simpson

more visitors

10 Tips for More visitors and growth

If you are a business owner, then you want to grow your company so that it is successful. This can be difficult without an influx of visitors and new customers. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 proven ways to get more visitors to your website. All of these strategies have been tested in […]
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Beating your competition

What Your Competitors Can Teach You about Web Design

Whether you are the yardstick in your line of business or just but a start-up, being able to study your Competitors is what will ensure your survival in future. One way to do it is keeping a close eye on their social media pages, blogs, and official websites. Doing so will also give you invaluable ideas on […]
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Darts miss the target

14 Common Misconceptions about SEO

The world of Search Engine Optimisation is constantly changing and shifting, especially because Google’s trying to create the perfect algorithm which would lead to the most relevant results for the end-user. As that happens though, many industry standards get replaced by innovative solutions, leaving major misconceptions behind. Thus we’ve decided to review a few of the […]
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online marketing

3 Secret Questions To Ask About Online Marketing

Online marketing is interesting, difficult, and puzzling. It can make or break your internet company profession and yet lots of people who depend on online marketing don't have a complete grasp of the essentials associated with online marketing. In reality, many internet entrepreneurs waste a lot of time, energy, and momentum because they do not […]
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web design

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started in Web Design

Do you wish to learn how to design your very first website? Perhaps you've designed a few and also now you would love to transform your skills right into an occupation? This write-up is below to point you in the ideal direction. One article cannot cover whatever you have to know obviously; the skills, devices, […]
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Welcome to my blog, here I've made a small space in the world where I can share my articles on Web Design and SEO.  You are very welcome to add comments or to get in touch to start a dialogue, collaboration and discussing can only lead to better things. I've been learning a lot from my friend, he has a business doing these activities, he's a great website designer and I know he does SEO, you can check out his work here. He just posted a new article on marketing for software companies, it's a great read.