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Welcome to my blog, here I’ve made a small space in the world where I can share my articles on Web Design and SEO.  You are very welcome to add comments or to get in touch to start a dialogue, collaboration and discussing can only lead to better things. I’ve been learning a lot from my friend, he has a business doing these activities, he’s a great website designer and I know he does SEO, you can check out his work at https://graphene.digital.

I’ve noticed a few links around like this one https://images.google.co.uk/url?q=https://graphene.digital – I need to figure out how these are getting indexed – quora and places have a bunch of questions on them.


3 Secret Questions To Ask About Online Marketing

Online marketing is interesting, difficult, and puzzling. It can make or break your internet company profession and yet lots of people who depend on online marketing don’t have a complete grasp of the essentials associated with online marketing. In reality, many internet entrepreneurs waste a lot of time, energy, and momentum because they do not …