Beating your competition
Written by Jane Simpson on April 7, 2021

What Your Competitors Can Teach You about Web Design

Whether you are the yardstick in your line of business or just but a start-up, being able to study your Competitors is what will ensure your survival in future. One way to do it is to keep a close eye on their social media pages, blogs, and official websites. Doing so will also give you invaluable ideas on how best to get and stay ahead of your competition at all times. Here are some of the tips on Web design that you can pick from your competition:

How to Carry Out Exhaustive Analysis of Your Competitors Web Design

Anyone who is serious about making conversions online has invested heavily in Web design, and that happens with good reason. So the first place, you ought to visit is their homepage and get to see how they have taken time to arrange everything in a manner that pleases the audience. Always strive to make yours that way or even better if you are to stand a chance.

Also, be careful enough to observe your competitor’s color scheme as it is very important if at all you are to attract the right kind of prospects (target group). The entire color scheme should complete the theme as well as the logo of your business as you are most likely to see when you visit your Competitors website.

Remember to check out their layout which should always be in the best interest of the prospect visiting. If your layout is bad, then it will act as an artificial repellent to traffic, and that will badly damage your Google ranking since people won't be sharing your material. If you study your formidable competitor’s layout, you will realize that their layout is amazing.

Once you have ensured that your content is professional and informative, proceed to make it mobile-friendly. Most prospective buyers have smartphones and so if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then it will spell doom as far as your business is concerned. Don't fall into the trap of believing the myths surrounding web design, like that mobile isn't important, or that internal server errors don't matter.

How to Use Web Design to Get Ahead of the Competition

Once you have managed to study your competitors, the next thing for you to do will be to look for the perfect way in which you can get ahead of them. First of all, make sure that your website is very easy to access and that users (read prospects) will always get whatever they want without having to struggle that much.

Make sure that your information is authentic at all times. We live at a time where people gain access to information so easily and can detect if yours isn’t authentic. And if that happens, your business credibility will fall, spelling doom to your business once and for all.

That said, your information should always be spot on and make a point of posting on a regular basis, more than your closest competitors. To sum it all up, it is important to get the best to handle Web design if you want to stand a chance against your formidable competitors. And if you follow the steps indicated above, then you will definitely win.

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Article written by Jane Simpson
My passion is anything to do with web design and SEO. Design is exciting and can inspire. Design gives me freedom of expression. SEO, outreach, in particular, lets me have fun meeting people. What more could a girl want out of work?