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Written by Jane Simpson on September 6, 2020

15 Best Websites to Follow About Landing Pages

Landing pages operate with one sole actionable task that also lets the visitor completes the task there itself. If you need to drive good traffic to your website, you need to have a very sophisticated landing page.

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Here are some great websites to follow for good landing page examples.

1. Uber Landing Pages

The landing page has a heading that communicates to the point. The short form here is what makes converting very easy and something to follow for an ideal landing page.

2. Moz

What’s great about the landing page of Moz is how well it’s heading, and subheadings coordinate while the action button and image draws complete attention.

3. LinkedIn

The bulleted copy here conveys precise information while the text is compact and easy to read. The best part of this landing page is the 'auto fill with LinkedIn' button which fills the form in seconds.

4. PayPal

While the word ‘free’ continues to attract users here, the CTA button doesn’t allow the visitor to waste more time.

5. Muck Rack

This has all the good elements of an attractive landing page. It is visually appealing for a visitor and offers descriptive headers that are interesting to read.

6. Cigital Landing Page

With relevant imagery and straightforward headlines, Cigital has created a powerful landing page with a single call-to-action button.

7. Khan Academy

It is not easy to cater the needs of a variety of audience in one single landing page. But this gives us a good idea on how to do it right. The colourful and largely spelled out benefits attract the visitors right away.

8. Codecademy

This is one of those simple landing pages that ideal to follow in both copy and design and the form is very simple requiring only the email address.

9. Poached

This is a great B2B model that connects potential proprietors with cooking talent. The comprehensive large call-to-action buttons are what makes this a super cool landing page.

10. Breather

If you are in need of clever landing pages to follow, this is ideal. It figures out your location while you navigate through their services. It uses straight forward copy which precisely informs what they do for its visitors.

11. Wistia

It is just a one-field form to create an account, and the colour combination used here is simply perfect for visitors to remain on the page. This landing page makes it much easier to focus on converting using a simple design with ample description available below.

12. Unbounce Landing Pages

This undeniably is one of the great landing pages with amazing elements to follow. The chat window instead of a usual form and the detailed yet compact information below makes a perfectly attractive landing page.

13. Muzzle

Muzzle confronts its visitors with the problem its application solves and focuses on their service right away. This is a great tip to follow when you design your landing page.

14. Alexa

The headline, the 3 CTA’s and the non-hyperlinked logo all work cooperatively together to make this one of the best landing pages.

15. HubSpot

The multiple CTA’s and their button colour never fail to attract prospect attention here. The image is a great visual representation that attracts visitors.

Article written by Jane Simpson
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