best affiliate programs for beginners
Written by Jane Simpson on March 30, 2022

The 20 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Best affiliate programs for beginners: Affiliate marketing has become very intimidating for newbies. Several thousand programs will promote a similar promise of hefty commission payments.

But how are people supposed to be able to find good offers and most effectively monetize their websites?

It is impossible to find. It took decades to make horribly bad decisions.

You can feel good that my mistakes have already been corrected.

I used the lessons I've learned to tell you about my favorite affiliate offers, so I saved you months of work.

Rakuten Affiliates

Among them are the Rakuten affiliate network. Rakuten is ranked among the top 10 affiliate network companies. With such an established image you may be eager for rakuten affiliate status as soon as possible. Rakuten is very selective and will not suspend your profile unless it is not in compliance with these standards. I would be happy if you are interested in learning more about this product. As with the other affiliates, you can simply start on the homepage. Like many affiliates, you will be required to undergo an extensive registration process to get started.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction was formerly known as CJ Affiliate from Conversant. This program has been helping affiliates since the beginning. The company has more internet retailers and more affiliate programs than any other program. In addition, the companies claim that the customers are two times as likely to buy through their sites as the affiliates do. If you look closely at the products that are offered, it's quite clear that the assertion holds up well. I have listed many niche areas on their niche website as well as an exhaustive list of ‘other’ categories.

Marketing Plan Elements

EBay Affiliates

EBay has the most reputable affiliate marketing platform in the industry. It can also be used to get affiliate links with eBay. Commissions range from 55% to 75%. eBay helps advertisers promote eBay products in the most straightforward manner. Whatever way you sell an item, eBay affiliate programs can be a good resource for promoting the products. Unlike many affiliate programs on this list, eBay Affiliates will directly work with them and eBay Products. Although you may have to do some work helping sellers, the most common connection is with eBay.

Affiliate networks vs affiliate programs

First, there's a distinction between the in-house affiliate marketing program and affiliate network. Some beginners will use such phrases to describe their differences. I have no idea. Discover the authority site devoted to outdoor sports and promotions of products such as trampolines and water slides. It would then be possible for you to join various ad networks to sell products and services to various manufacturers and suppliers. Or you can just join an online service that connects you to most of the manufacturers you need.

How do affiliate programs work?

In the context of affiliate marketing, it is important to think of the amount of information exchanged between the affiliate and the merchant. One must monitor and analyze all actions taken by thousands of potential customers that one company could generate. When you add to the thousands of affiliates who work with a merchant, you begin to understand how essential affiliate marketing programs are. Affiliates can help you track them. Think of how this could be prevented with the lack of tracking.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs: ClickBank Affiliate Program

Click Bank has a wide array of affiliate program programs for all types of marketing. The affiliate information can easily be shared and makes the site an attractive affiliate platform for your success. Click Bank was started in garages in 1998 but quickly developed into an international retailer. ClickBank boasts over 2,000 affiliates currently making nearly $4.2bn commissions promoting ClickBank products. They're a good start-up option regardless of experience.

Difference between Affiliate Networks And Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are software developed by the real provider of a product or service. Examples include Blue Host affiliates and Shopify. Affiliate networks provide a single platform for managing multiple affiliate programs. When one joins a network it is possible he/she can see multiple affiliates offered on a variety of websites. Examples of these include CJNetwork, Clickbank and Shareasale. We can examine each individually.

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Tell me the Affiliate Program?

Affiliate program concepts can be quite simple if not very simple. It provides just another website allowing merchants and affiliate partners to collaborate and connect. Merchants are also invited to join, meet and get together. These affiliate networks, however, are a complex giant that does more than support merchants and affiliate networks. Moreover, they offer a variety of important services for both sides.

Affiliate Marketers

The membership is complimentary and you will receive an affiliate link. They also remit money after a specified time - 30 days 90 days. The longer payment is released, the more you must wait. Besides paying your bill a minimum amount is required. Please read the entire agreement before joining any affiliate program. We review a variety of popular affiliate networks that I recommend for beginner users.

Ezoic Affiliate Program

Ezoic provides an online publishing platform that simplifies their ways of growing revenue and audience. The app is free of cost. The first 15 minutes are a lot. Reference is best if someone finds success using Ezoic technologies, therefore the members of the Ezoic Referrals program are usually Ezoic clients. Make referrals today with Ezoic and you may receive a fee if a client starts using it.

Survey Junkie Affiliate Program

Survey Junkie has an audience of more than 100 million on its survey website. Your visitors will gain a lot of money from the site by promoting their opinions. These rewards are redeemable through PayPal and by gift cards. You can earn some extra money. Survey Junkie provides $1.60 for each referred client.

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The eBay Partner Network

From global brands and local stands eBay is a global platform connecting almost 183 million customers worldwide with a nonstop marketplace for selling used goods. In a single day, 1.4 B listings have been published, with 80 % being new. This affiliate program is called e-commerce partner networks. Membership is easy and free, and affiliates generally receive less than an hour of commission up to 62% of the price of cookies. Pay after 20 days Paying limit: $10 Signup for this website: eBay Partner Network.

Amazon Associates. Affiliate program

Since 1996 the company has been regarded as one of the earliest Affiliate programs ever established. This is a reliable platform for content creators who can earn money with traffic. The Amazon Associates Program has free membership and easy acceptance and is, therefore, a great Affiliate program for beginners. Commission: 10% to 10% of sales. Commission prices can fluctuate. Cookie time: 24 hours. Payment limit: $10. Sign up now.

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Commission Factory

Commission Factory gives customers everything needed to grow an internet business using affiliate marketing in Australia. Branding and influencers will gain traction through the latest tracking technology in their network. Commission Factory produces AU $250,000 in monthly sales with a variety of affiliate programs available. Payment limit: $50 USD (Australian Dollar). Join this website: commission.


Skimlinks offers publishers a complete affiliate system that can be used with almost all major publishers in the world, including Huffington Post, Conde Nast, and others. Once JavaScript is installed Skimlinks automatically converts any links on your website into affiliate links. In addition, you will have access to a number of resources that will assist in growing the affiliate revenue.

Travelpayouts – Travel Affiliate Network

Travelpayouts is an affiliate program where you make money when you advertise on your site for a particular trip and make another purchase.

The company also provides rental car services to 60 international companies including Booking. Your wages will reach 25% of the total purchase price.

Payment threshold: $50 through PayPal or $500 through bank transfer Join up here:

Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Network

The company is another affiliate marketing company acquired by Ebates in 2014 to make it easier to buy products.

They have over 100,000 members in their affiliate network worldwide. Rakuten handled a total of 100 million orders from 200 countries in 2018.

Commissions: vary based on the offered service. You’ll earn: net 60 Payments: $55. Register on Amazon.

CJ Affiliate Program

Commission Junction is a network of companies that has been operating for nearly 20 years. They partner with many major brands worldwide.

Among other things, Samsung is an example.

It gives affiliates about $2 billion annually. CCJ has no cost for membership.

Commissions: vary depending on the product you're submitting. Payment limits: $10.

Impact Marketplace (formerly Impact Radius)

Impact Radius is part of an affiliate network and is growing rapidly since 2008. It is also free for joining and connects you to many major brands such as Lenovo to Lacoste.

Your pay is: 60 net payments. Minimum payment: $25. Sign up at Impact Radius Marketplace.

Buzzsprout – Podcast host

Buzzsprout is a podcast hosting website that helps more than 100000 podcasting fans start up a podcast.

The affiliate program is a very generous affiliate commission scheme based on an amazing support team. Commission Plan : This plan is divided into two: 1- Earn one-time $25 for customers sent via Buzzsprout. 3. Receive a 20% commission per year for every user who has a Buzzsprout account. Cookies. They are non-elapsed.

The referral is paid for as long as the customer does not update their paid accounts. Payout: $100. Please sign up for the Buzzsprout affiliate program.

Thinkific – Online Course Creation

The website Thinkific provides courses creation and sales to more than 51,000 customers with the tools to create and market their own courses. PartnerStack uses an independent tool for coordinating their affiliate program. Likewise, your email address may be accessed by Thinkific. 5% of commissions are paid back each month and may exceed $100 for each referral. Each year in the. Cookies. The period is 90. Get it here.


It is difficult to quantify but Awin can certainly claim that it is the largest Affiliate Network in the world. The company currently has over 22.5 billion subscribers.

In 2020, the software has generated more than 182 million sales and affiliates earn more than $1.6 billion from the sale. It has an even bigger network and is arguably the longest in existence! Awin was only operational in 2017 however Zanox's roots have largely been rooted back to Affiliate Window and their affiliate network, both based in 2000.

Awin was unable to run its own network until recently and a second network on the list was acquired — ShareASsales — several years later.

Amazon Associates

Jeff Bezos has some really smart ideas. Aside from his incredible wealth, his accounts appear to be essentially converted to binary.

It is a gift of fortitude, as was the first internet retailer in 1996. In 1996, the Internet became available, although it was only accessible through phone conversations. Tell your parents what this is all about if you do not understand.

The Amazon Affiliate Program or Amazon Associate Program is the oldest affiliate program. The site is massive and covers everything that is offered online.

When a customer finds a product at Amazon you can sell the goods for money with the proceeds.



ShareAsale may be a very obscure Affiliate Network. This is partly due to the interface looking very 2002 - a change that happened long before my login.

And there is a little “Wow” factor that discourages new affiliates. ShareAsale offers an excellent affiliate program. They typically charge around $600 - $350 for the entire sale.

And none of the Affiliate program does not have anything with... Ummm “enlarger” products... etc.

They represent around 5000 different affiliate programs that concentrate more on small profitable companies rather than large brands of products.


It'll take some time to learn Pepper Jam. But the affiliates industry was active long before eBay took them over in 2009. The brand was re-branded in 2016 and rebranded as the PepperJam brand in 2016.

This represents a mix of major brands like Puma Nordstrom, Orion Lindt, plus several more niche brands.

PepperJam offers specialized affiliate networks that can cater both new and experienced affiliate marketers.

Sign Up URL: Pepper JAM offer type: CPPS payment options: Net 60. Payment terms: PayPal – contact support if you need other options. Maximum amount of payments: $50.95.

Avangate Network

The company started in 2006 with the goal of promoting digital as an alternative to ClickBank. Contrary to ClickBank, their brand is 99% software courses.

Avangate consists of two companies: Avangate Affiliate Software. They are also affiliates with two checkouts, which can prove to be extremely confusing as the payment processors. However, 2Checkout has 22,000 software ad companies enrolled in it but also several courses such as SuperRead.

You can find everything from hidemyass to Bitdefenders to Malwarebytes to Search Engine Optimizer to Filmora to FTP Software.


MaxBounty is a Canadian based affiliate network which was launched in early 2000s. Or 2004, for example. Unlike many network providers, MaxBounty focuses on offering CPA services. You’ll be paid if an affiliate takes specific actions such as installing an app.

CPA offers generally are considerably better value than CPS and flat rate offers. There are around 2500 campaigns on the company's website, some for niches such as online dating, weight loss, etc.

Most suitable for: Establishment partners with a lot of traffic that needs a CPG offer to be launched.


Rakuten Advertising

Maybe you didn't know about Rakuten but it is essentially an affiliate advertising service. They stepped into affiliate marketing by buying LinkShare in 2005.

In the years since they launched the website Linkshare, Rakuten has become the most coveted platform in the marketplace and the most awarded. And. Are Affiliate Marketing Tools useful?

The only potential downside is that Rakuten is a major competitor to affiliate marketing and it is thus advisable to use an e-commerce platform with an e-book to obtain the approval of the application.


Impact is arguably another big name in affiliate marketing despite being said otherwise. But age, in general, is purely an arbitrary figure, and Impact's comparably youthful appearance certainly should not discourage you from signup.

The founders of Commission Junction know everything they are doing! Similar to the big-name network, there are many famous household names on Impact, which include HSBC, Airbnb, adidas, and Airbnb.

The network currently employs 25517 companies and new advertisers are regularly adding new brands to their portfolios.

EBay Partner Network

We don’t need any insults to you about eBay as everyone knows the name. What began out as a simple way of cleaning the garage has turned into a major marketing platform. Do people buy new things? It is also a place that provides goods that can be bought from a number of different vendors for sale. Most of the newcomers get right back to Amazon and it is a good choice for them but few re-examine the eBay affiliate programs for a second time: EBay manages their own affiliate network, which eliminates “manufacturing agents”.


Flex offer stand-alone. FlexOffers has avoided all these things and is an excellent alternative for affiliate marketers. Instead they just continue to be affiliate networks in their own right. And they do that while providing a platform for affiliates to businesses ranging from Apple to Macy's, Walgreen's and even Amazon. The company currently has about 12,000 advertisers, but it only considers that 500 are 'premium' merchants. Most suitable: Dedicated partners seeking broader coverage of advertisers.

Etsy Affiliate Program

Etsy affiliate programs are hybrids. These products that are sold on iSavings are made by independent artisans, vintage trader, and artists.

It is essentially an affiliate network for individuals whose interests are sole traders, as far as it seems. Etsy is the leading platform in its niche, none of them has the same potential as Etsy. From zero to a publicly traded company within fewer than one year.

Several people on Etsy sell handicraft products or have purchased products on the company website.


ClickBank is yet another affiliate network categorized by grandparents — they have existed online since 1998. This is an honest business story which was started in a garage by some of his friends but then turned into a business with sales of over a billion dollars per yr.

Clickbank's affiliate programs focus on selling products via the Internet rather than promoting traditional products. So the company could quickly deliver a project without overhead and directly collaborate with creators.

Fiverr Affiliate Program

Talking to affiliates is probably much easier than selling physical goods. Give a list to an audience & they'll handle everything else.

Fiverr incorporated the concept into the initial stages and ran the gig business for services in these categories: Graphic design, marketing, writing, video and animation, music, programmatic, business. Even though it is possible to sign up for this program on, it is recommended we focus our attention more on its own affiliate program.

Referral Marketplace

Referrer has a new affiliate network. I didn't even know they were around until 2015. However, they have successfully recruited 17,000 customers. This does not seem too much in an industry dominated by networks that have been fought against signing over hundreds of retailers. What the referral market lacks is the sheer volume of advertisers. Most applicable: For affiliates struggling with acceptance from other sites.

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